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One Roll Weapons of Destiny for D&D 5e

Image (cc) Blazbaros on DeviantArtI'm always toying with ways to tie the PCs, the world, and the story together.  These are weapons that can be found and used by starting characters but are in some way destined for the end game, and requiring the completion of a mid-tier quest arc.  Roll a set of polyhedrals (or use the button at the bottom of the post) to discover your destined weapon!The d20 - Crafted long ago by...Dwarves, from rare minerals and alloysGnomes, from fine silver woven with spellsElves, from a branch of the oldest treeDrow, from darkness made tangibleAngels, from a fragment of a starElementals, from distilled elemental energyFey, sung into shape from some organic matterMerfolk, from the horn of a narwhalSlaadi, from the remains of a dead ModronMind flayers, from psychically infused ironDevils, and was forged in the fires of the HellsDemons, from solidified corruptionCentaurs, from finest polished bronzeYuan-Ti, from the bones of a NagaA vampire, and was forged and cooled in bloodA li

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