Back to the game. Powrót do gry.

The work is in progress again!Hello! I'm back. Thank you for all your patience. The nightmare is over and all have been moved. We are finally settled and what is most important I'm back to painting too! Today a few games we had the past month and I had no time to post reports here. Of course, you will get a second report from Big Waterloo game, but I will do it in a separate post. Witam! Jestem z powrotem. Bardzo Wam dziękuję za cierpliwe czekanie. Koszmar przeprowadzki zakończony. W końcu się urządzilismy i co najważniejsze mogę znów malować! Dziś kilka raportów z gier, które rozegraliśmy a ja nie miałem czasu na opublikowanie ich na blogu. Oczywiście będzie też drugi raport z Wielkiej Gry Waterloo, ale to w osobnym poście.1. Sudan.SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: Campbell HardieUMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Campbell HardieSCENERY/SCENERIA: SESWCFIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI I MODELE: Campbell HardieThis time we had a small skirmish game with  Anglo-Egyptian (Peter, Alasdair and Mike) against&nb

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Mahdist invasion of Egypt, 1886. Inwazja Mahdystów na Egipt, 1886.

Last Thursday we moved into 'what if' scenario'. Some time ago I prepared few scenarios for the alternate history, set in Egypt and Sudan. This time we played the second in the row of them. All story is based on the fact, that Mahdi did not died of typhus in 1885, but miracly back his health, thanks to the ancient medicine found somewhere in ancient Sudanese pyramids. Seeing in that clear sign from Allah, Mahdi decided to lead an attack on Egypt and put his banners in Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately his medicine was stolen, by Colonel Frederick Burnaby (he did not died in 1885 as well). The story of taking that medicine from Mahdists is part of the first scenario which we are going to play some day. Anyway, back to our game. The track of Burnaby with stolen good took to the lonely Egyptian outpost somewhere on Egyptian Sudanese border. That lay on the way one of the few armies lead by Mahdi's Califs. He got an personal order from Mahdi to take this medicine back. In the meantime British get informed abo

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