S T Cox Terrain

AboutI'm a one man operation, creating custom built wargames scenery for many different scales and periods, currently i'm casting many bespoke items in resin. To see what's currently available check out my eBay Store.ProductsColonial, buildingsS T Cox Terrain PicturesS T Cox Terrain eBayS T Cox Terrain FacebookOwnerSimon CoxAddressS T Cox Terrain10 Pecks CourtHigh StreetPE16 6NRChatterisCambridgeshireUnited KingdomPhone07979383933Emailstcoxterrain@outlook.comManufacturers

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Dark Peak Games Ltd

AboutFootsore Miniatures was established to provide high-quality metal miniatures for gamers and collectors alike. Its foundation is built on the old Musketeer Miniatures range of figures and continues to be principally sculpted by the same designer, Bill Thornhill.  Footsore Miniatures are now proud to be manufacturing in both the US and the UK providing our customers with a more efficient service.In the US, Footsore Miniatures is owned by Bill Thornhill, who as well as designing the ranges, also runs the production and the show stands at all the main conventions. In the UK Footsore Miniatures is a trading name for Dark Peak Games Ltd a company owned by Mark Farr and Andy Hobday, friends for over 20 years who collectively bring over 50 years of gaming experience.Mark FarrMark has been an avid gamer as long as he can remember.Starting with Airfix kits and later moving onto metal miniatures. Mark has been through most rule sets over the years starting with the likes of Donald Featherstone and regularly em

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Traders Galaxy

AboutTraders Galaxy is a small boutique Hobby Games company making miniatures for use in tabletop wargames.It is our goal to create miniatures that will allow you to explore those long forgotten realms on the fringes of the galaxy or those blighted backwaters never visited and known only to the few.As long time gamers, hobbyists and explorers ourselves we have always yearned to give form and depth to worlds that have so far only been imagined. Although our ranges have just started we hope you like our first mix of traditional and digitally sculpted miniatures created to explore your favourite worlds.Happy Gaming– MMProductsBot WarSet in an alternate reality on Earth in the 1980’s, BOT WAR is a tabletop skirmish game that sees robots, called Bots, war for what's left of earths dwindling resources. Collect one or all of the factions – Valiants, Beastlords, Deceivers, Infesters , Atlanticans, Snake Corp, Democracy, Overlords and loads more.RulesBot War RulesTraders Galaxy PicturesTraders Galaxy WebsiteTrade

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