Marauder Beastmaster and Chaos hound - Make a Trish !

Well this pair was unexpected but it was a real refreshing one !If you're on Facebook and follow oldschool and oldhammer miniature pages, you might have read some of Trish Carden's excellent posts about her work. Like many people, I've found those posts to be extremely enjoyable because of the hindsight it provides on the design and constraints of the time.I think I'm also fascinated because to be perfectly honest here, I just never had considered which sculpts were hers and which were Aly's amongst the famous Marauder range. I can never tell which Perry twin sculpted what and I really find it's a pity we don't aknowledge sculptors more.With all that in mind, some friends and I thought about painting some of her work and make Trish pick her favourite. Like all brats, we want to be mom's favourite y'know. ^^I had a few possible candidates but I wanted something iconic I knew I could paint quickly and then I just remembered Trish posting about the Beatsmaster !I realise I'm missing the scorpion tailed hound but

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