Marian Roman

15mm Marian Roman Commission, The Last Batch

Here is the last batch of Romans for my mate at PAW, Del.  All figures are Essex and will be in the owners hands very soon.Two bases of Generals, I've gone for a Republican look for the Generals, so obviously they are old men or nostalgic. Elephants, the Panzers of the ancient world, however they were not overly used by the Romans hence I have opted for a basic beast.Mercenary light horse bow, what would later form the auxiliar but at this stage still dressed and fought in their native style.A different option for light horse as these could be allied or mercenary from the famous Tarantine stable. Finaly, just for variety a different option for light horse, although carrying javelin they do have a bow case tucked awayWhen Del fields the army I will try and get some group pictures....

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15mm Marian Roman Commission

The final batch of the Roman commission has been delivered and I have started to apply the pigment.  The only thing that needs to be bought is a small Roman marching fort to act as baggage.The first additional elements are another unit of Roman cavalry, two units thorakai mercenaries and a unit of Illyrian skirmishers.These are obviously based for FOG and are all Essex figures

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Marian Roman Cmmission

The end of another rotation and the last batch of the Marain Roman commission.  More legionaries and eight bases of Thracian Mercenaries.So two battlegroups of Romans, nothing much else to say....So eight bases of Thracian Mercenaries.  These are later Hellenistic Thracians who were hired as auxiliar by the Legions.    As they will be two separate battlegroups I have painted them up slightly differently.

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