Martian Menace

First Games of Monsterpocalypse: Defender-X, Terra Khan, Gorghadra, Ares Mothership

A few weeks ago, Francesc came over and we played our first games of Monsterpocalypse. He played a couple demos before this, and because I had both starters we each had rulebooks we could consult mid game.We tried a 1v1 monster game first, followed by 2v2, and a few things seemed clear:Throwing monsters into buildings is brutal. And the line to watch is the line where your monster can be thrown. Throwing isn't based on enemy positionBuildings give two power dice when destroyed instead of the 1 we were doing1v1 monster is okay. The game seems to need 2v2 monsters.I need to protect my monsters with units...or more in the case of facing Mothership AbductionsGorghadra endgame is brutalI push my monsters too far forward early on. Let the units and buildings take the hits.We played again another time, so something to look forward to in the future!

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Painting My Martian Menace

The Martian Menace is a faction in Monsterpocalypse reminiscent of classic UFO saucer / War of the World designs. Circular or crescent ships, with a bit of classic sci-fi thrown in with servitor arms on their first monster release. When they were originally released as part of the Monsterpocalypse prepainted collectible miniatures game, they were silver painted over clear green plastic to better show off some glow/energy effects. Recently, one of the Wills from Privateer Press asked for feedback on what he should paint his all new Martian Menace, and my immediate response was to suggest classic War of the Worlds green ships with orange/red glow effects given that was the color I distinctly remember from the classic book cover or maybe a colorized version of the original film. When it came time to paint mine, however, I decided I wanted something decidedly different.First of all, I wanted to maintain some color similarities between my Destroyers. In the new Monsterpocalypse, three factions represent a sin

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Hotel Hobbying

My buddy Captain Chris likes to share with his friends photos of his hobby progress from various hotels around the country. Currently he has a boss custom Aiel army that he's painting, warriors with shoufas, and in the past he's also shared pictures of Chaos cavalry all done up while sitting miles away from home.Now, I love playing Warmachine. I've played this game for years and foresee playing it for years more, but when I'm at a convention I think I have limits as to just how many games I can play with any kind of sustained energy. Add to that an extra large table you might have to reach across and suddenly I'm straining my back. One of the draws of conventions I attend are early releases of models that I want to paint being sold directly by companies like Privateer Press (okay honestly it's mostly models sold by Privateer Press, but there are others). And since models can often be bought cheaper elsewhere after their regular release, both in shops and online, I find that part of the calculus behind pu

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