Ant-Man and the Wasp

So we return to one of the funniest Marvel heroes of the MCU so far, as Ant-Man gets it's second cinematic release.I loved the first one for it's "childish" humour (the train sequence!!!) so was curious about this one.PlotScott is serving two years of house arrest following his misadventures with Cap in Germany, and his violations of the Sokovia accords.  He is forbidden to have any contact with Hank or Hope, when he suddenly gets a dream / vision about the original wasp, Janet Van Dyne.He is soon contacted by Hank and Hope as a result, as apparently it came forth from their experiments to retrieve her from the submolecular realm, which Scott was the only one to ever enter and return from.  Using a rouse, he escapes from his house and joins in a wild chase to get the quantum tunnel ready, while a criminal organisation is trying to get the hardware from the fleeing scientists for their own purposes, and an ex-partner of Hank trying to use it to cure a constantly in flux girl turned vigilante...What I

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Deadpool 2

The merc with a mouth is back, and this movie is perhaps even more "off" then the first one.Yeah, that is seemingly still possible... also, Cable!Plot (from Wikipedia)After successfully working as the mercenary Deadpool for two years, Wade Wilson fails to kill one of his targets on his anniversary with his girlfriend Vanessa. That night, after the pair decides to start a family together, the target tracks Wilson down and kills Vanessa. Wilson kills the man in revenge. He blames himself for her death and attempts to commit suicide six weeks later by blowing himself up. Wilson has a vision of Vanessa in the afterlife, but the pieces of his body remain alive and are put back together by Colossus. Wilson is left with only a Skee-Ball token, an anniversary gift, as a final memento of Vanessa.Recovering at the X-Mansion, Wilson agrees to join the X-Men as a form of healing. He, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead respond to a standoff between authorities and the unstable young mutant Russell Collins / Fir

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