Guild Ball Masons Season 4 changes

Season 4 Masons The Masons’ Guild? Rock solid. Safe as houses, if you’ll forgive the pun. No? Rough crowd tonight. —Spigot, Brewer’s Guild Good day coaches! My name is Chad Hufkins & I’m an “experienced” Guild Baller from New Brighton, MN (suburb north-east of St. Paul). It’s my honor to be able to offer this write-up of the Masons Guild. Nearing the end of Season 1 I got into this great game with none other than this very Guild & have played them the most out of the 4 Guilds I own. I have some good success with them, placing 2nd with them in my first Longshanks Tournament! My goal with this article is to possibly enlighten or provide insight to anyone seeking to increase their understanding with the Masons. I’m very eager to share my thoughts & I hope that it may be of some use to those who wish to take the time to read it. With that, let’s get stuck in! Overview The Masons’ Guild has always team focused on versatility & adaptability. In previous Seas

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