Matt Lemke

Flip Through Review 82 : Faiths of Golarion for Pathfinder

  In this Flip Through Matt takes a look at the Faiths of Golarion campaign setting for Pathfinder.  This book includes ten lesser gods of Golaria. It offers up a a complete write up that includes their domain, sub domains, favored weapons, and an obedience. While these deities are not the major players in the pantheon of Golaria don’t think that they aren’t influential to their believers!   Characters of any class can perform the obedience of their deity to be granted an ability that lasts for the day – if they have the Divine obedience feat. Further characters with the feat will be granted more power if they have at least 12 hd – sooner if they are of the right prestige class.  Faiths of Golarion brings us 5 new domains and 4 sub domains plus new feats and spells.   What I love about the Pathfinder faith books is that they take the idea of faith and break it down so any player character can believe as much or as little as the character would like. Click here to view

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