Imperial Knight Building

For my second Imperial Knight, magnetising the Chainsword/Power Glove options was a little bit more complicated then the ranged weapon options on the first Knight. The first step was to get all the bits laid out so I could work out where to make the magnetised joint and what spacers were required for the magnets. I had to do plenty of trimming and drilling on the main arm joint to take a 6mm diameter magnet. Another magnet was added in the Chainsword join on top of some plasticard spacer. This should work well when the whole thing is painted and fitted together.

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Giant Mecha released in 15mm scale at The Ion Age

The Black Friday Event is underway at The Ion Age and it has a lot in store for fans of 15mm science fiction wargaming.  Until 9am GMT 27th November 2018 we have automatic Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders over 15GBP of product placed in the cart (you need do nothing but add to cart but please note tracked shipping remains a flat 10GBP charge to select) and we have bonus items and discounts on the brand new Magog War Mecha.  You save 10% to 20% on regular prices of this mighty war machines plus you get a free gift worth 5GBP with every mecha purchased.  Go HERE for our Early Supporters page. Our Black Friday Season Event with your Order means that each time you order a Magog (from one to any number) we will automatically add a pack of IAF081 Taranis Runner Drones(5 different miniatures) worth 5.00GBP to that mecha kit.  This lasts until the end of the event and you need do nothing except order.  Like Taranis Tanks the Magogs have a drone control station meaning

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