Men who would be kings

Work in Progress 3d print of a Boer War Fowler tractor

I decided to see if my CAD skills where still any good.   I fired up Fusion a 3d CAD program.  Started to hack away. It has been 3 years since I used a CAD program.   Surprisingly I still can do it.  This is version one. A few error now that have been corrected.  Not quite the correct scale.   Having a great time using my skills and brain..  CAD modelCompleted print after 6 hrsEnd on of boiler, taking away the supports.Egg crate supportsCab before removing the supportsView of the CabAll the supports removed

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Wonder what Old Glory casting facility looked like?

Here are the picture the Russ Dunaway posted on face book.  Know I know where all my money are three photos for you to look at where tons of Napoleonic toys in four scales are born. 1. One is the outside of the Old Glory factory where for the last 30 years we have sent out literally millions of little army men to all the good little wargaming boys and girls.2. A shot of just one of the casting rooms after the crew left for the day with stacks of sprues full of cool little army men.3. Faithful shipper Connie, being given a hand ( or in this case a paw) from midnight the shop cat and mouser-- that Teresa Gregory ( the resident Old Glory tech wizard) rescued about 9 years ago -- preparing just a part of of "Big Andy's" of Old Glory UK shipment of cool shiny toys for all the good people across the not so small pond.Hope you enjoy !!!Russ Dunaway

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Boer War Black week

I always had interest in the Boer Wars.  These Wars ended up being the modern warfare.  Gone where the days men standing in line like the Napoleonic war and American Civil War.  We are in the Middle (10th-17th Decemeber 1899) of what was called "A Black Week" for the British Army during the 2nd Boer War.These three battles – Stormberg, Magersfontein and Colenso – shook late-Victorian Britain. The British Army suffered almost 3,000 casulaties.Esteemed Historian Dr Spencer Jones of Wolverhampton University tells the story of Black Week - the battles, the generals and the mistakes.

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