Metal King Studio

Battle Report – Rangers of Shadowdeep – The Broken Stairs

  With the Watchtower at Tor Varden cleared of the evil Kobolds emerging from the Shadowdeep, Bron and his companions scout a steep pathway leading down the cliffs behind the guard tower. Mustering what provisions they can from the stores of the Tor, they set out immediately on their third mission, this time past the borders of Alladore into the Shadowdeep itself!

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Relicblade: Shark Warrior

Here's a shark warrior from Metal King Studio. Loves the hell out of this jerk, not because of the paint job, but just like his stat line and behavior in the game, he was a handful to manage. Here I had primed right over the poster tack I had in the shoulder sockets and later, after he was all painted, his arms sorta melted off, when the crazy glue failed over top of the poster tack beneath. Shark jerk! Check out the Relicblade game! We have been playing this exclusively and loving the hell out of it.There is an awesome Kickstarter currently going for the next content and minis for this amazing game... be sure to check it out. If you are getting the new stuff to add to your Advocate and Adversary warbands or even starting out in Relicblade from go, this is a great way to pick up the rules and figs you need. You will thank me for it later! And yes, I am a backer getting their own card for the game so you better be ready for a Yeti character in Relicblade!!!Relicblade Kickstarter: The Moldorf Expediti

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