Milton Bradley

Battle Report – Hero Quest – ‘Barak-Tor: Barrow of the Witch Lord’

  The Star of the West must be secured from the ancient Tomb of the Witch Lord in order for the King to rally the lands against Zargon. The Dungeoneers are set to the task of retrieving it at all cost!

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Battle Report – Hero Quest – ‘Legacy of the Orc Warlord’

Ulag’s son Grak is out for revenge! Capturing the Heroes he has locked them in his dungeon. A rat-bone is all the adventurers are armed with as they pick the lock to their cell and attempt to escape!

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Battle Report – Hero Quest – #TBT ‘Melar’s Maze’

  Mentor has a dire mission for the Heroes, enter Melar’s Maze, the labyrinth guarding ancient artifacts left behind by the Wizard to recover his Amulet! Zargon will not make it easy however as he musters the undead to face down the adventurers!

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