Painting the Lannisters

One of the first things that I wanted to accomplish with the A Song of Ice and Fire miniature wargame was to treat the game like a historical wargame, with the books by George R.R. Martin as the reference. I didn’t want to rely on either the TV show or the game’s art for my colour schemes. This would be difficult as certain decisions of arms and armour were made for me by the game’s designers and sculptors. Still, I wanted to keep as close to the book as possible in regards to uniforms. It turns out I’d have an easier time baking Lamprey Pie; George R.R. Martin spends far more time describing food than he does describing outfits. This is fine as a writer but frustrating for someone trying to envision how the armies in his books would have dressed. The red cloaks wore mail shirts over boiled leather and steel caps with lion crests.George R.R. Martin – A Game of Thrones This is pretty much the entire description of Lannister guards throughout the first book. There may be more e

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Starting the A Song of Ice and Fire Project

A year ago I backed a small Kickstarter project by CMON. It did well enough and even shipped in what I would consider to be a reasonable time, for a Kickstarter. It arrived when I was on vacation in July. Although I was excited to begin painting the miniatures I was in the middle of painting some Guildball Fishermen which I had received this past Christmas. Sticking with my goal of painting all purchased miniatures before starting more I finished the Fishermen so that August 21st was the first day I applied brush to miniature. The first three Lannister Guardsmen are Flatted. Do not ask me what made me choose the Lannisters first. I am a Stark by nature and if I were to pick an army to complete for this game it will be a Stark army. None-the-less the Lannisters were the first prepped and so I have begun. Plans for Painting I have not fully decided on the painting order for the A Song of Ice and Fire core set. I can either paint all of the Lannisters first and then the Starks, or I can alternate unit by un

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