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Star Wars Legion Map Based Campaign with 3D Printable Tiles!

So I was looking for a campaign to play for Star Wars Legion at our store and since the crew is a little more casual, leagues and tournaments weren’t the ideal fit. Remembering back to the old Mighty Empires days, I was inspired to create a map we could fight over and that would be a cool center piece for the store.   Here are the tiles I designed for the campaign:   I made some basic rules which we’ll be testing and updating. Let me know if you have any feedback!   Each player will start with one outer tile of their choice, order chosen appropriately. Late comers can play their way onto the board. Players can play a game for a tile that meets one of the following criteria: Is on the edge of the board Is adjacent to a tile controlled by each player Is controlled by one player, is adjacent to a tile controlled by the other player, and there are no other eligible tiles to be fought over between the two players Before playing, players may ge

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Brave Customs Officer Delayed Monsterpocalypse: Ultimately Fails to Save City

I never played the first wave of Monsterpocalypse. Despite wonderful reviews and a solid fan base it was not for me. Random boxes in miniature games were all the rage at the time and my rage was leveled at them. Magic: The Gathering should have just stayed in its lane and not infected the greater gaming industry…but that is a completely different post. This, oh this, is a look at the brand new and improved, dropping today, MONSTERPOCALYPSE! Some brave customs officer threw his or herself into the line of fire forcing the delay until today. These beasts cannot be stopped and more are coming! GenCon is always my favorite place to find my next gaming fix. While there, two long and comparatively game-less months ago, it was this beautiful man that introduced me to the joy of building crushing beneath the bodies of kaiju inspired monstrosities! Oh a wonderful wizard Oz is! A quick demo sold me on the mechanics and one look at Brewgrosh (Cthugrosh sculpted by Doug Hamilton and the Beer-Swilling con-exclusive

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