miniature sculpting

Blood Bowl Ogre Conversion & Sculpting Showcase

I've been itching to play Ogres in Blood Bowl for quite a while. Basically, since 2016 when the game was re released. However, there's no team for Ogres and we only have 2 Ogre models to date from Games Workshop, well one is Forge World. So, that leaves doing conversions...continue reading

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My First Sculpted Miniature – Blood Bowl Necromantic Coach

Long story short, for those who've heard it, is I got a miniature for my Undead and Necromantic teams to use as a coach. The model's quality was lacking, so I decided I'd give sculpting a miniature a shot. It's something I always wanted to try. Using the miniature I...continue reading

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Sylvaneth Wood Elf Wild Riders of Kurnous Conversion & Sculpting

First, some fluff. As the personal guard of Orion, Wild Riders of Kurnous are aggressive and impulsive cavalry and much tougher than Glade Riders. They have transcended the status of elf and, through Orion have become akin to the forest spirits. They, like all forest spirits, become dormant during the winter but experience a violent rebirth in the spring, raiding lands from allied Bretonnia to the far north. Killing everyone from Bretonnians, Orcs, Beastmen, and even Wood Elves who accidentally cross paths with the wild hunt. Total, out of control badassery! As a Wood Elf player, you have got to...continue reading

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