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Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign Battle Report

Prologue. Previously, Moonclan Grot Warlord Merl struck a deal with a local clan of BeastClaw Raiders to help ambush an unsuspecting army of Stormcast who had wandered into the mortal realm of Ghur. The ambush was a success, the main force of the Stormcast was annihilated. Their scouting party returned to camp, saw that it was lost, turned heel and left to plot revenge. While the ambush was successful, my photography was not, so I will not be posting that battle report. This battle report is from week two of a narrative campaign we are running in the Age of Sigmar game system. We are using forces of 1500 pts., where each person picks a Grand Alliance and must stick with that alliance throughout the campaign. They can change lists from week to week and even factions as long as it is still part of the same Alliance. We are using realm rules and Malign Sorcery/Endless spells. The focus is on fun and fluff and not just showing up with unpainted netlists from the latest tournament, in fact a three color minimum pa

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Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Idoneth Deepkin vs. Legions of Nagash

Seth is back for another Matched Play game! This time it’s Idoneth Deepkin vs. the Legions of Nagash in a Matched Play battle of Shifting Objectives from General’s Handbook 2018!

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Let’s Play! – The Drowned Earth

Hundreds of years ago the Event changed the face of the world. The details are lost to myth and conjecture but today the various settlements of Ulaya know one thing; the Elder people were powerful. Their artifacts have the power to kill or heal or form the bedrock of entire cities. Humans, Overg, Bereingi and other races now fight across the jungle covered archipelago where islands can be the ancient structures that jut above the water like broken teeth. Welcome to the Drowned Earth. Check out all the rules for free HERE:

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