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Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Idoneth Deepkin vs. Legions of Nagash

Seth is back for another Matched Play game! This time it’s Idoneth Deepkin vs. the Legions of Nagash in a Matched Play battle of Shifting Objectives from General’s Handbook 2018!

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Let’s Play! – The Drowned Earth

Hundreds of years ago the Event changed the face of the world. The details are lost to myth and conjecture but today the various settlements of Ulaya know one thing; the Elder people were powerful. Their artifacts have the power to kill or heal or form the bedrock of entire cities. Humans, Overg, Bereingi and other races now fight across the jungle covered archipelago where islands can be the ancient structures that jut above the water like broken teeth. Welcome to the Drowned Earth. Check out all the rules for free HERE:

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