A Druid Lich, a Demonic Monkey, a flying Megazord : it must be Privateer Press Previews

A lot can happen in a week. Or even just a day. I was just done writing about the Butcher4 preview when Privateer Press decided to drop another few leaks.''There was a lot of speculation about this model when he came out. The document reads 30mm base, he looks like he has Iron Kingdoms style Druidic armor, and he looks like he's flying in the pose, but it turns out he's not a Krueger at all.He's a lich.And around his feet isn't just normal dust getting kicked about from takeoff. That's fel flames boosting his rockets.In the background, the origins of Iron Lich Asphyxious are that he was once a Druid who wanted to get the attention of the dragon Toruk, so he jumped into a volcano. ("Notice me senpai!" is one of my favorite lines when explaining this to people). He died and was reborn the Iron Lich.Turns out that 30mm base was a typo, and Chad, our local Circle Player, is not happy at all.Cryx players are though. The Iron Lich models are pretty janky with a metal spear haft that breaks too easily. Not sure if t

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Doug Hamilton's New Year's Day Preview for Minicrate

In a year in review/preview image on the Privateer Press Insider, a small dog can be seen among the other digital sculpts feature. The models in the image come from all over the Privateer Press line. There's an image of the future model Boomhowler2, a troll armed with a chaingun, and there's an image of a Meatslave released from Monsterpocalypse.Included in this "family portrait" of models was  a small dog that everyone wondered what it was for.Was this a new Riot Quest solo?A unit attachment for Circle Orboros (who have the most dog-like things in the game, just bigger).A resculpt of the Khadoran War Dog?Turns out it was a little of B and a little of C. On New Year's Eve Privateer Press's 3D sculptor Doug Hamilton announced that he would spoil whatever the goodest boy was if he got 100 unique likes across the faction facebook groups. The next day, everyone was in a panic looking for the post, and then Doug posted the picture above.It's a minicrate model. Minicrate is Privateer Press's alternate sculpt l

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Painting Goals: STEAMROLLER

Next week I'm running the December Steamroller. A  few of the locals are signed up so it promises to be at least a three round round robin. Nothing unusual. We don't know the next Champions line up and we're not running a three list event or anything crazy like that.The door prize is going to be a miniature that I accidentally ordered an extra copy of, the Lady of the Feast, the Minicrate version of the Lord of the Feast model. I'm kind of donating the model into the prize pool as part entrance fee, part bribe.Yes. It's my entrance fee. For the first time ever I'm going to play in an event I'm running.This might not sound unusual to you coming from some other game systems. I've heard of Heroclix and 40k events with player TOs. However, I have heard the horror stories I've heard about negative player experience have come out from some such events where the TO is less than impartial. Warmachine events run by Press Gangers never allowed us to play, and I thought it was with good reason.So I've tried to inst

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