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Summary of the month / January 2019

I would like to invite you to the summary of January 2019. Click on links below and check posts from previous weeks:  Warmachine / Hordes – Khador Winter Guard Infantry 30k – White Scars / Deimos Pattern Rhino 30k – White Scars Army 40k – Deathwatch / Kill Team Cassius AoS – Archaon Everchosen AoS – Chaos Hellcannon Warmaster – Tomb Kings Army / Part I In February you can expect rest of Tomb Kings army, Genocult Army, Carnival of Chaos and Star Wars: Legion. See you soon!

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30k – White Scars / Deimos Pattern Rhino

Hey! In today’s entry we return to my old works. On the photo you can see two Rhino transporters. As you probably noticed, their construction is slightly different from the “40k” versions of this model – the front and sides are different. The upper manholes, equipped with two bolters, are also slightly different. The presented vehicles are marked as MKIC Deimos Pattern and are one of the oldest development versions of this carrier. The models are painted in the colours of the Withe Scars Legion. In the next post you will find quite a large heresy army…. But that’s about it soon! Commission painting –

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New website

Hello! I would like to welcome you on a new, completely redesigned version of the website and blog. I made a strict selection of materials and I decided to delete a lot of them. Some of the older works you can still see in the Gallery section, many others will never be available again. During all these months a lot of new photos were collected for publication. As a studio we made dozens of interesting projects that we would like to share with you. From time to time something appears on Instagram and Facebook, so I encourage you to follow us there. That’s the word of introduction. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the content of the website and our painting offer. If you have any suggestions, questions –

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