Mithril Miniatures

Fantasy Hero 16

Returning to a favourite genre and style of figure; the Undead and in this case Wights from Mithril  (left of picture) and Citadel. These are a recent entry to the AHPC IX. There are more of these to be painted and rebased for use in a skirmish game coming to a gaming table near you soon. A game when the world was older and darker and a warrior could carve a name for themselves worthy of a saga.More undead to follow shortly.Cheers for now

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Back to the Brushes 213

A work in update on some 28mm Undead figures from Mithril Miniatures and Citadel.Top left is a Mithril Miniatures Wight. Base coated white then painted with Technical paint Nighthaunt Gloom. The dried figure has then been worked upto what you see using the Gloom paint mixed with white. Bloody marvelous effect can be obtained here. Citadel really need to expand this range as this really does give good results. Top right and bottom left shows two Citadel wights. Both have been painted using layers. The top figure using Vallejo Game Colours Scruvy, Jade and Foul Green with a final touch of white added in. The second wight has been using Foundry Teal AB & C again with some white added as a final highlight. Lastly some Citadel Skeleton base coated in Army Painter Skeleton Bone waiting for the next stage of painting. Some other pieces are nearing completion and will hopefully be shown in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge next week. Hmmm, some of the pics could be better. Chee

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