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Had a productive weekend!

I've been painting this mess of Soviet vehicles for a long, long time. And well, I finally finished them. Lord knows, it took a while. I used a method I found on the old Guild website, that I've slightly modified, but it works well, and gives the vehicles a nice "worn" look.As soon as I find a copy of the method, I will post it here, but I wanted to show off the vehicles in their glory. Lemme know what you think gang!Overall, am I as good a modeler as some of what I've seen on the net, nope. But am I happy? Yep.3 Butler Printer Models T-64s. they're fairly rough on the detail and l/76th as opposed to 1/72. But I do look them for what they are, decent looking Russian tanks. 2 S-Model BMD-2. I liked the ease of construction. Didn't like the fragility of some of the parts, such as the treads, and the brass parts seemed a bit unnecessary. The Trumpeter T-55 to me is a great kit. It was a bit unexpected to screw together the halves of the hull, but I liked the kit overall, assembled it in an afternoon!&n

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