Lazing on a Monday afternoon!

Close up of road mix going on (top left). The bare hessian backing can be seen on the remainder of the road areas.Having slept on my idea (well not literally but I am sure the mat would have been soft and sort of comforting), Bank holiday Monday dawned with me getting my 'road building' materials together, to wit; a coarse hair brush, PVA glue, some fine sand and water.Showing the roads painted and dry brushed but as yet - un inkedLeaving the road as the hessian style backing mat is fine but looks a little bit of a cop out in my opinion. I therefore decided to come up with an effect that appeared a bit more textured. The main thing was to produce something which would not crack or fall to pieces when rolled or folded.This works if the weather is dry p- a big IF in Scotland I hasten to add.I figured, a paste of fine sand mixed with flexible PVA glue might give me what I wanted. This gloop is what I use to coat adobe and stone walls and the quantity of water defines the spread-ability and final texture.The mat

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Lazing on a Sunday afternoon!

12 x 6 custom built and scaled central section of Waterloo I made a few years backAfter so many years of doing it, we are getting tired of lugging around car fulls of terrain boards. Storage and transport thereof is a pain. I have admired the teddy-bear massacres of the last few years and recall being impressed by the Waterloo terrain of the Loughton? Strike Force at Salute a few years back and also some masterful set ups I'd seen up close at Historicon.Now, what the heck am I supposed to do with this on a Sunday morning?I fancied doing a bit myself, bought the materials and tools but conflicting priorities prevented me from actually starting the job - Net result - more clutter sitting there gathering dust. As the weather in Scotland has returned to seasonal norms and as I was unusually at home over a holiday weekend, I decided whilst drifting into consciousness to the sound of the Archers Omnibus, to get up and at it. The target was to have a 6 x 5 table ready for CRISIS 2018 on November 3 in Antwerp. I was

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Ottomans - keeping them coming!

Managed to complete one full code - Campaign dress Janissaries loading/primingOK - the big job - prepping 90 models for the production moulds has been done this week, Scraping and filing castings which are not going to be painted is a very tedious job so I punctuated that by quickly painting a few more of the new castings.One more figure to add to the Campaign dress firing codeThese are speed paint jobs - white undercoat, flat colours will only occasional highlights, some washing with inks and 'wash mixes' and then flat varnishing.trying lots of colour combinations using the quick painting styleI have tried to bash through although some of the models really deserve that little bit of extra love even on a quick paint job.The washes tone things down nicelyHanding them over for production moulding at Partizan on Sunday which means, they should be commercially available by the end of August/ beginning of September as planned.Enjoyed doing this wee fellaThe campaign dress Janissaries are done in deliberately mixed

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