Modeling and Painting

Garrek and the Reavers - the original lineup, back again!

My first Warhammer Underworlds warband - 60's Do-Wop band, "Garrek and the Reavers." And you thought I was dead! Well, you were wrong, so pay up!These murder dudes were completed shortly before they dropped the universal cards for WHU Shadespire, of course.They were painted mostly with Contrast Paints, with the exception of the red and metals.We're getting the band back together...Just trying to get ahead in lifeANGRY! SO ANGRY!I'm a lumberjack, and I'm ok..."And thrust! And hold, 2, 3, 4...""I'm gonna get your nose!"

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Painting Tutorial: Batch Painting Clanrats

I recently finished up a batch of 100 Skaven Clanrats, themed to match my Clan Pestilens force. Painting large units can be a daunting, even exhausting task, but if you have a plan and work at a steady pace, you can get through it in no time. Here's a look at the process I used to batch-paint all of these Clanrats: Read more »

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Necron Flayed Ones Conversion

If you haven't heard of #HobbyStreak before, it's a challenge intended to help hobbyists maintain momentum on their modeling projects. Every day, spend at least 1/2 hour on some sort of hobby activity– Painting, assembly, even cleaning mold lines or tidying up your work station counts! Every day, post a photo of your progress on Twitter with #HobbyStreak, and see how long of a streak you can maintain. Over the past month, I've been maintaining my hobby streak by chipping away at a few projects that I have finally finished... almost. Read more »

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