Modeling Tutorials

Modeling Tutorial: Re-basing Scenic Bases

I didn't have very many Nighthaunt units in my Legions of the Infernal Skull undead army. In fact, the Spirit Hosts are the only unit that I had finished before the release of the Nighthant Battletome. While I'm not about to re-base my Legion from squares, I have decided to re-base the Spirit Hosts to match my round-based Nighthaunt army. This tutorial will show the process I used to re-base the Spirit Hosts, while preserving all the work I put into their scenic bases. I'll also show you how to deal with those pesky rows of peg tubes under the 40mm square bases. Read more »

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Modeling Tutorial: Fixing the Heavy Destroyer Cannon

Back in my day, straightening bent weapons on metal models was easy. These days, newfangled styrene plastic model kits don't need any straightening at all. But in those dark times between metal and plastic, we were treated to formerly metal parts being cast in resin. And if a resin component was warped, straightening it could be quite a chore. Case in point: The Necron Heavy Destroyer's cannon. Here's a tutorial for fixing it without worrying about straightening the resin itself.  Read more »

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