Modular Table

TTSFN modular wargames table

Total Terrain System For Now.Building a modular wargames table. We are having a rest break at the moment as we have had back to back visitors at the B and B for the last two weeks. I decided to finally get myself sorted out and add some more terrain tiles to my collection, these are specifically built for Normandy and Mayenne Bocage for 20mm and 28mm games, but more suited for 20mm. I have a table just over 5 meters in length and 1.8m wide to complete over the next month or two. So to begin with I am doing four 1200mm x 600mm tiles of ww2 specific + a number of 600 x 600 ww2 specific before I move onto adding a few pieces for medieval and ancients specific table.All of the tiles were made on mdf board with timber edging, polystyrene centre and hills, then paper plaster mix to smooth out the hills. I will be adding magnets and door strips to make the joints more seamless. On top of the table tile grout was used as the road base, which I will paint and add roadside bits. The bocage edge is permanent on the

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