Moonclan Grots

Moonclan Grots Warband - Warhammer Underworld Conversions

Greetings.Been busy in RL of late but managed to start working on a little project of mine, to create a custom Night Goblin (Moonclan grots) warband for Warhammer Underworld (or Shadespire as we all called it till recently).I am seriously in love with the game right now. it scratches so many itches of mine, from smart tactical gameplay, to engaging narrative, cool minis, small entry point, etc etc etc. I struggle for time more at home as my family and work commitments have both increased significantly this year, so the quick gameplay is really appealing, as well as being able to paint a small number of models and then move onto something else.I was never really into Night Goblins back in the old days of fantasy. Some of their models appealed but the idea of building and painting a legion of them just to get an army was not appealing in the slightest  bit, and the same applies to their current form in  AOS too. Well, as I mentioned above, a small conversion project is so achievable in Shadespire, so

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