Mortal Gods - Test of Courage

War Banner Limited to become Dark Peak Games

Ever heard of Dark Peak Games? Quite possibly not, but I’m pretty sure that you may know all about them. The reason that you will not have heard of them is that at the moment [...] The post War Banner Limited to become Dark Peak Games appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Test of Courage – Helpful Resources

Here we are again with another helpful page of resources! This time for War Banner/Footsore Miniatures upcoming game Mortal Gods – Test of Courage. You can find further information on their Facebook page, but we’re cramming as much into this Test of Courage resources page as we can! Before looking into the project I can safely say my knowledge of the ancient Greek world was limited to a few films exhibiting sketchy historical accuracy, as well as a handful books. I did a chunk of reading and picked up loads of useful information. So, a bit like the Test of Honour page I did I thought I’d try to compile some stuff and help people out. I’ll try to keep adding new bits to this Test of Courage resources page as I find them or others suggest them. Game Rules FAQ (Link) History Timeline of Ancient Greece (Link) Ancient Greek City States (Link), (Link) Battle of Marathon (Link) Battle of Salamis (Link) The Great Greek Turncoat (Link) Battle of Thermopylae (Link) Thracians and their Kin (Link

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