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Angry Lurker Honest Movie Review 103: The Girl with all the Gifts (3 STARS)

Another zombie movie, I'm a little bored with zombie movies these days, well never fear in this one they are called "hungries", a fungal infection zombie movie, the story set 20 years after the outbreak on a British outpost manned by military/scientists, experimenting on zombie children who have not yet descended too far into the zombie infection, outpost is then breached, journey to find safety, etc.....Melanie who is our zombie girl/star and does steal the show ahead of everyone else ( even Gemma Arterton), the movie follows a predictable story line except for certain ideas like our smell (big issue), the fungus and maybe the ending (bloody fungus)......Paddy Considine plays a world weary British army sergeant..........Glenn Close plays rabid scientist trying to save humanity......All in all worth a watch if you like the genre, based on a 2014 book by M.R Carey!A fungus is a eukaryote that digests food externally and absorbs nutrients directly through its cell walls. Most fungi reproduce

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Angry Lurker Honest Movie Review 102: Wind River 2017 (4 STARS)

"A fantastic movie with a story as bleak as the scenery" The Angry LurkerBack doing these reasonably honest and short reviews again, a form of therapy and after a few requests, no rhyme or reason to whether it's the latest release or slightly older but my third love after the SWMBO and the wargaming hobby!An experienced game ranger finds the frozen body native american woman on the Wind River reservation, the FBI send an inexperienced young agent, these will eventually team up to investigate the woman's death........Excellent piece of cinema, great performances, a slow boil and an epic stand off scene along the way, grim, bleak but a decent ending....... Some trivia for you....... Jon Bernthal (The Punisher) lost four toenails filming the trailer scene.It took 40 days for the shoot to complete.Wind River Indian Reservation is the seventh-largest Indian reservation in the U.S.The film is based on actual events.

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