Great Martian War

On the eve of the one hundredth anniversary of the beginning of WWI, this mockumentary - employing "archival footage", and interviews with "historians", "researchers" and those directly involved - tells of the Great Martian War (1913-1917), which supplants what looked to have been an imminent great war between Germany and the rest of Europe. The Germans asked their adversaries for help when the Martians invaded Earth via a remote field in southern Germany. The Martians went on the attack first in Germany, then moved west throughout the rest of continental Europe, with the ultimate threat of crossing the channel into Britain. The Martians also took their fight into the waters around Europe. They employed animal-like machines in their battles, the human race which coined the respective machines as "herons", "lice" and "spiders" most closely resembling such animals, each which had their own seeming purpose in the war. The presentation of the ebbs and flows in the human defensive against the Martians discuss what

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TRAILER: Unbreakable Spirit (2018) - Starring Bruce Willis (English Trai...

As avid aviation fans, especially of those vintage aircraft, hearing a new World War II movie about air battles is coming out is quite exciting. Unfortunately, we might have to pump our excitement brakes for the movie that’s about to hit theaters on October 26th, 2018.The Bombing was the working title of the project before its final release as Unbreakable Spirit. | Credit: forumn.dvdtalk.comCalled Unbreakable Spirit, this movie revolves around the attacks on Chongqing during World War II between 1939 and 1943. During that time, the Japanese raided the city almost 300 times making it quite a historical point in history. It was part of Japan’s terror bombing operations during which they dropped more than 11,500 incendiary bombs on residential areas such as schools, hospitals and residential dwellings.

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How Not to Survive the Apocalypse

Yes I know I have been ranting about the roads a bit recently, well they now close the main road through nearby Carnforth every evening from 1800 hrs, yes I know it needs repairing but to close it completely so that we are almost cut off from the rest of Lancashire unless you travel roads last used by a coach and horses is a bit much. Anyone want to put money on roadworks within a few weeks of it being finished?Right, Club Night and only six of us in a rather empty room, Stuart had brought along his latest purchase, "Last Days" Osprey's attempt at getting in on the Zombie genre, which is probably approaching overkill I suspect. Although a two man game Stuart played umpire and brought us all in to the game. We had three gangs of survivors all armed with different weapons, from assault rifles to clubs, the objective was to grab some usefull items which lay scattered about the playing area, you are free to kill zombies and the other gangs.My guys on the way out.The play sequence seemed a bit overly complex but t

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