Sponge Weathering & Mud

Let us take a look at sponge weathering and mud today. This article is a request from somehow described themselves as the lowest common dominator when it comes to painting. I disagree with them! They can sure paint! But we all start with zero experiences everything and it takes a little push to get us out of comfort zone and into a new method/technique. This type of painting technique is especially hard to throw yourself into because it’s the last, or nearly the last, step on a model. Everything is perfect and now you’re going to potentially ruin it with […] The post Sponge Weathering & Mud appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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Painting Hellhounds – Catachan – Completed

My Hellhounds are done! All three, no less! As for paintingĀ Hellhounds, this is how it went… I am no pro, but I hope that this process helps or inspires someone else to slap some paint onto their tanks! Never miss an article? Subscribe! Base Camouflage – Painting Hellhounds I already have my Cadia Camo down to a T with the airbrush. I wanted something different for my Catachans to set them apart. I went for Castallen Green, then Loren Forest with XV-88 areas/stripes. My Cadians are Castallen Green and Zandri Dust. The Loren Forest is lighter and the XV-88 is […] The post Painting Hellhounds – Catachan – Completed appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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