What has happened to my luck?

Good Evening AllFor years I think my luck on the gaming table has been quite reasonable. I can think of several times when a game plan has been rescued by some fortuitous dice rolling or when a unit that should have been defeated has become the victor, However since Christmas my luck has just disappeared ...with the exception of our refight of the battle of Stamford Briodge when it was a forgone conclusion as to who would win I have been on the losing side in every game.I don't think my tactics have been bad just my dice rolling. Monday just gone was no exception. Five of us fought a ficticious ECW encounter battle with evenly matched sides. We were using Pike & Shotte.In virtually every combat my troops lost - and my command rolls were not much better. To cap it off my opponent virtually scored hits 80% of the time. It was perhaps the biggest one sided game I have played for a long time. The last was Hastings and that was only a few weeks ago.All I can say is I hope its going to change very soon.Any bets

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Announcing 2019's Projects

With the Dark Ages project now complete and the three battles of 1066 fought to their historical conclusions it’s time to turn my attention to my next project. Or should I say projects !The first of these was determined by an article carried in Wargames Illustrated at the end of last year.I was fascinated to read that the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) was going to launch a 10mm range of kit for the Cold War. This really did spark my interest as one of my very first forays into historical wargaming focussed on the modern period. Back in the eighties we were playing ‘what if’ scenarios of Warsaw Pact versus Nato. We used the old WRG rules and fought out our battles with the tiny tanks and figures from Heroics and Ros. All the terrain has long since gone but I still proudly possess my Warsaw Pact forces, the rules and the excellent Army lists.My original set from the 80'sThe idea of rekindling my youthful days of Cold War engagements struck home and I got really excited about thinking of fielding this in 10mm.I

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Another Year - Another Blog Birthday

Believe it or not another year has gone by and the Shed Wars blog is now celebrating its 7thBirthday – In the grand scheme of things I am please it is still going but this year has been difficult – only 40 posts in the year and over the last few months posting content has become very haphazard.This has really been down to three things…Firstly I took on board a new job earlier this year and with my free time seriously curtailed I just didn’t have all the time to do the things I wanted to do and sadly the blog is one of those things that has suffered.Given this lack of free time I haven’t really got stuck in and completed the projects I have been working on and as such there has been very little to write about.  Finally and indirectly linked to the two points above my motivation has been suffering, Without doubt the extra pressure that this new job has put on me (I should add the rewards make up for it) has caused my interest to wane. These days I hardly visit the forums let alone post and just pickin

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