Muskets and Tomahawks

Murder in the Woods

Club night and summer continues to be rubbish, warm enough but grey and still lots of rainclouds and as we say north of Hadrians Wall "the nights are fair drawing in". No matter, Rob served up another Muskets and Tomahawks game and this time I went out on a limb and took charge of a bunch of eco friendly First Nations, no only kidding, a large blood curling war band of Red Indians hell bent on murder and mayhem. The scenario was simple, there were a couple of bunches of civilians roaming aimlessly in the woods and we had to either capture them (Rob) or kill them (me).I found myself up against Simon and his Irregulars, in keeping with my character I decided simply to bludgeon my way forward, this plan was scuppered in that the Yanks managed to leap across the table at a great rate of knots and give the civvies protection before we got close. The second turn also seemed to favour the Yankees although Rob assured me we had activation cards somewhere in the deck.Nonetheless I did manage to threaten Simon's right

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We wus Robbed Sir.

 Muskets and Tomahawks last night, I arrived a bit late so the terrain had all been set out and as I chose to be British I was handed my OOB and orders. There was a French spy around, a Jesuit priest who we had to apprehend while keeping the unruly savages at bay, as we were the vanguard our forces arrived piecemeal so for the start of the game and most of the rest of it I had two light companies. To get further troops we had to reach certain points on the table, so it was my own fault I left my regulars to near the end.As my Jocks set about reaching the first reinforcement point it became apparent that there were a lot of Indians in them nearby woods. I thought here was an opportunity to get some points by wiping out the savages while holding the left flank as Rob made his way to rescue the settlers near the river. As ever my shooting was terrible and it took me a long time to make the left secure, so much so I did not make my way to the next reinforcement point until almost too late. Rob meanwhile took

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Jocks Wi Hae

Club last night and no Simon, which is just as well as the A6 near his house was closed off so I would have had the devil getting to him and then into Lancaster, I am not good with detours at dark-o'clock, it's the old eyes.Anyway, it was a Muskets and Tomahawks game run by Rob, always a good game. The gist was that some American Militia along with a cannon had set up a small redoubt overlooking a river crossing which it was supposed British troops would soon be using. The British had got wind of this and had sent a force to remove the gun, the Americans were sending a force to reinforce the gun. I took the light companies of two Scots regiments, the 78th and 84th (I think) along with a small Iroquois warband, my second in command had the same type of force but no regulars, the American forces were of a similar make up.As well as using the normal card activation arrival times were at the mercy of a normal deck of cards, I did OK with this but 2i/c Ian did not, neither did Paul who was hurrying to boost Rob at

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