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Post Adepticon Breakdown Part One: ASoIF first Impressions, HH Knight Fight and KoW Big Battle

Well, Adepticon was a few weeks ago. I have had plenty of time to recover (I took extra vacation afterwards for family time. If you ever go, especially if driving, I highly recommend this approach). Now I should start sharing my experience. Over the next week I'll be posting numerous articles covering it including-A Song of Ice and Fire by CMoN-40k Team Tournament-Making our Team Tournament board-Horus Heresy Knight Fight-Kings of War Big Battle-Medeival Times-Space Hulk-Bonus Roadshow Podcasts!-And it will all wrap up with our Allies of Inconvenience post Adepticon podcast!This was my 4th Adepticon and it was as fun as ever. This year I went into it signing up for as many events with models provided day 1 and 2. Just took a lot of personal prep pressure off (which got put right back on later, but I'll talk about that when I get to the 40k team tournament this year). And man did this approach pay off big time. I had a lot of fun games starting with my introduction to the A Song of Ice and Fire game by Cool Mi

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