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The Great Game ( a re-fight of Waterloo)

Two weeks ago I had the fortune to be up in Glasgow as an umpire for the Great Game replayed. If you haven’t heard about this it was a massive re-fight of the Battle of Waterloo featuring over 22500 x 28mm figures on the table. The event was hosted by the UK registered charity Waterloo Uncovered. This organisation uses battlefield archeaology to help veterans of our armed services to overcome conditions such as PTSD. I met several of these chaps at the event and they all stated how much this charity had helped to turn their lives around. It is a worthwhile cause and I would urge anybody interested in what they do to check out their website. post is going to be picture heavy as I have already committed to writing an article for Wargames Illustrated but I will report at the end of this post my observations of what I thought went well on the day and what didn’t go quite as planned. Perhaps these learning's can help those thinking about planning future type events.Be

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Trying to get back in the groove

Lets face it the frequency of blog posts here has been terrible...I am, not going to bore you with excuses other than I seem to have lost a vast amount of spare time (if anybody can find it I am offering a big reward).To combat this plight I have actually written three blog posts and these will get posted as and when required.First up though are a few pictures from a Black Powder Battle we fought on Monday night (four players, approx 20 regiments aside) - this should have been relatively balanced but thanks to some fortuitous dice rolling by Alastair and Mark this was a rather one sided affair as they smashed Colin and John in just under two hours (probably the quickest game we have played this year).I was on tea and umpire duty (practising for the upcoming Grand Game in Glasgow in 40+ days time).Talking of which if you live in Glasgow and want to come and see 20,000+ 28mm figures on a humongous table you can buy tickets now from eventbrite. All money is going to charityThe evening tickets can be found hereht

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