Necromantic Horror

Undead/Necromantic Blood Bowl Coach Painted (Showcase)

I posted recently about my Blood Bowl coach I had sculpted. It is my first ever miniature sculpt and I'm very proud of how that came out. It's not perfect, but it's mine and I made it :) I've since managed to get him painted and that's what I'm showing...continue reading

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My First Sculpted Miniature – Blood Bowl Necromantic Coach

Long story short, for those who've heard it, is I got a miniature for my Undead and Necromantic teams to use as a coach. The model's quality was lacking, so I decided I'd give sculpting a miniature a shot. It's something I always wanted to try. Using the miniature I...continue reading

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Gretchen Wachter “The Blood Bowl Widow” Painting Showcase

A friend at my FLGS bought this model with the intent of it becoming Gretchen Wachter, a Banshee special player for Blood Bowl. He gave it to me to paint, seeing as it's a player I can use, so that's what I did. Gretchen Wachter Showcase Painting Thoughts I sculpted...continue reading

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