Neuroshima Hex

Portal Games predstavio nove društvene igre na PortalCon 2019

Proteklog vikenda, Portal Games je okupio svoju vernu publiku u Poljskoj kako bi proslavili 20. rođendan, ali i najavili šta nas to sve očekuje u 2019. godini. A najava je poprilično. Čak deset novotarija su Trežvik i kompanija predstavili publici, od ekspanzija za popularne igre, novih izdanja, ali […]

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Monolith Arena Review

I am of the belief that there is simply no such thing as a completely objective review, especially when it comes to board games. No matter how hard a reviewer tries, their prejudices and tastes will influence their opinion of a game. I say this because I absolutely adore Neuroshima Hex, it is easily one of my top ten board games of all time, and I think you should be aware of this before I start talking about Monolith Arena, a sequel/remix of the original hex based tile laying battle game.So if, like me, you are already a fan of Michał Oracz's game, here’s the short review; Monolith Arena is bloody brilliant and you should go buy it.No doubt most of you will be wanting a bit more depth to a review, however, so here goes.Read more »

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The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 50 - Arkham Horror 3rd ed, Deep Madness and Monolith Arena

Any other podcast would make a big song and dance about releasing their 50th episode. Not the boys from the PHC, because they weren’t paying attention and didn’t realise they had reached such a prestigious milestone.Instead they talk about four games that may well make their best of the year lists; Steve gets his arse handed to him by Arkham Horror 3rd Edition, Andy goes into a Deep Madness and Jon tackles Monolith Arena. Andy and Steve then quickly say how much they love Brass (Brarse), while Jon tackles the news and Steve’s delves deep into his sack, mail sack that is.Read more »

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