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Jaiman: Land of Twilight available now!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the greatly anticipated second edition of Jaiman: Land of Twilight!   Between the Forbidden Sea and the Barren Waters lies Jaiman, a majestic continent of powerful cultures in conflict. The Forces of the Unlife and the armies of the Dragon Lords seem destined to clash again; Men and Elves must fight or flee.   You can get a pdf copy of Jaiman: Land of Twlight now for a special introductory price of $12 (normal price $18). Don’t wait too long though, this offer won’t last forever.   Print on demand copies will be available in the not-too-distant future.     Buy it now >>     Jaiman: Land of Twilight   Jaiman: Land of Twilight is a fantastic setting material book for Rolemaster‘s official setting: Shadow World. The new second edition contains loads of brand new material including:   Updated and greatly expanded text, particularly the overview of the continent, including Urulan and other regions. Updated Ti

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Blitz Bowl Review

Ever wanted to try out Blood Bowl but found yourself intimidated by all the rules? Maybe the big, full price box set was too much of a commitment without trying out the game? Then perhaps this is just what you need! Blitz Bowl is a new intro level board game from Games Workshop. The game is aimed at new players and seems suitable for near all ages. It also slots quite nicely for players who don’t feel that they have time to play a full game of Blood Bowl but love the setting. Using a mix of scoring touchdowns and achieving challenges victory goes to the coach who beats their opponent by 10 points. Contents The game comes with a double-sided gaming board and card dugouts for your teams. Also included are all the dice you need to play and two packs of cards. The first pack contains all the players cards for the models in the box. It also comes with stat cards for all the other available Blood Bowl teams. The second pack is the challenge and bonus play cards needed to play the game. Lastly, there are 12 m

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