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Take control of your navy in Admiral from LuxLu

A new Kickstarter campaign from Italian based LuxLu has sailed into view. Naval games seem to be coming back under the spotlight and this new offering of 1:1850-1:3000 WWII fleet action could prove very popular. [...] The post Take control of your navy in Admiral from LuxLu appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Shadow on the Walls

For safety and security, colonists have often enclosed their new settlements with walls to keep out local predators (and raiding gangs!). Today we’re releasing sets of wall sections in our 1/300th Desert Buildings range so you can keep your own micro-settlers safe from harm. The sturdy walls are 21mm high and come in lengths of […]

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The Whole of the Moon

This week we have some additions to our 6mm moonbase. We added two new buildings to the 15mm moonbase at Salute and both have now transitioned to the smaller scale. Both are hemispherical domes, one is a smaller storage module while the second is a larger utility version with windows. The latter has the option […]

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