[EN/PL] The thing about the Schratt/Skrat / Rzecz o Skrzatach (Northumbrian Tin Soldier - The Woodsman)

Welcome!It's weekend, it's evening time, so it's time for a new entry at DwarfCrypt!Today I invite you to the next model from Northumbrian Tin Soldier, this time another model from the Nightfolks series.This time a grotesque gentleman who can serve as a hangman, woodsmen or a common adventurer ;-)The Miniature also has something from dwarf/gnome/kobold or ... a (in en. evil hause elf?) And these character from Germanic demonology in today's entry.schratt I invite you!Schratts are known from the German-speaking regions of the Alpine region and were probably one of the kobold varieties.        As it is said that the Kobolds had two natures - good and bad, so the Schratts are known almost exclusively from dislike to people (or hostility!).They could attack lonely hikers, lose them in forest and mountain wilderness, change road signs, and in the worst cases, kill and eat their victims.       The German-speaking population, as well as the Poles from

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[EN/PL] The Black Goat of the Woods / Czarna Koza z Lasu (Northumbrian Tin Soldier)

Hello everyone!It's weekend, it's evening time, so it's time for a new entry at DwarfCrypt!Today I invite you to the next model from Northumbrian Tin Soldier, this time not the Beardfolks but Nightfolks series. Black Goat my Dears, quite grotesque and fairytale, but these are also cute models from the Nightfolks series.I listen recently (at nights!) an audiobook with stories by the master H.P. Lovecraft, that's why today's model I will devote to one of the deities - Shub-Niggurath, or Black Goat from the Wood.I cordially invite you!Shub-Niggurath, "The Black Goat of the Wood with Thousand Descendants", or "The Black Ram of the Forest" is one of the deities in the Cthulhu Mythology by H.P. Lovecraft.The first mention of Goat from the Forest comes from the short story The Last Test (1928). The Goddess has never been accurately described in Lovecraft's prose, but her name is often mentioned or summoned during rituals. As a character, he appears in other authors who co-create Mythology - August Derleth, Robert Bl

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