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Exhibit: Orion, King in the Woods display AoS: Avatar of the Hunt

Recently I showed you photos of Orion, King in the Woods, the everlasting Lord of Athel Loren and co-ruler of the Wood Elves (in Age of Sigmar he is Avatar of the Hunt) with his Hounds and today I want to show you a small diorama with Orion.Here you can see how I made the plinth using fire (I burned it), but it was quite a difficult task to mount Orion and his original base on it. I managed to do it so he could be easily removed from the plinth and put elsewhere. Orion's base can be connected to the plinth with one "click" due to the use of neodymium magnets. Also, his original base outline is almost invisible when connected to the plinth =)I hope you like my autumn King in the Woods and that his photos are of good enough quality. I would really appreciate if you vote for him on here =)More photos of Orion below.Niedawno pokazałem Wam zdjęcia Oriona, Króla Kniei, wiecznego Lorda Athel Loren i współwładc

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Project: Orion, King in the Woods! Figurkowy Karnawał Blogowy #50 - MONSTER!

For non polish visitors, I hasten to explain that Carnival of Blog's Minis is the initiative of polish miniatures bloggers. The idea is based on monthly challenges on various topics about miniatures etc. This month's theme is "MONSTER!".Trwa 50 edycja Figurkowego Karnawału Blogowego, ogłoszona na łamach bloga Fantasy w Miniaturze, zaś motywem przewodnim jest "MONSTER!". Today I will show you a real monster. Orion, King in the Woods, is the everlasting Lord of Athel Loren and co-ruler of the Wood Elves (in Age of Sigmar he is Avatar of the Hunt). His powerful appearance alone inspires respect and arouses terror. In combat, Orion is the real Avatar of the elven god of the hunt - Kurnous. When Orion leads his Wild Hunt to fight, he is always accompanied by a pack of savage Hounds.There are many reasons why Orion is a monster for me. First of all, I painted him for more than 3 years! I needed Orion for my display on Armies on Parade in 2015 (Orion's Ritual) and since then I

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Exhibit: Wood Elves Araloth / AoS Wanderers Nomad Prince / Warheim FS: Wieczny Strażnik

I managed to maintain a good pace of painting so today I want to show you the last hero for my Athel Loren Wood Elves squad - the Eternal Guard. Araloth miniature, the Lord of Talsyn and personal Champion of Queen Ariel, fits my squad perfectly. It's also very important that despite the death of the Old World there is still a place for him in Age of Sigmar Wanderers and Sylvaneth army as the Nomad Prince.The miniature is made of plastic and despite a few gaps between the elements, I just loved painting it! Initially, Araloth was to be completed on a lower level, but he seemed to demand special treatment and therefore painting him took me more time than I expected. Fortunately, I was only limited by the colours of the rest of my autumn Asrai =)I hope my effort has not gone to waste and that you will like this incarnation of the Nomad Prince =)P.S. What do you think about his magical blade with non metallic metal elements?P.S.2. Soon I will post a group photo of all the heroes for my Warheim Fantasy Skirmish sq

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