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More Frostgrave, Nickstarter and other news from North Star...---------------------Click here to view online - Newsletter ArchiveHi,Welcome to Newsletter 164JOIN THEFORTHE MAZE OF MALCORWe are just off the6th Spend Goal. The next spend goal is another prize draw, the winner of which gets The Wraith of Malcor figure paintedby the Wizard of 0sized brushes, Kev Dallimore.  THE MAZE OF MALCORFEMALE SOLDIERSKNIGHT & BARBARIANWIZARD SHADESMANTODEUSSPIRITUALIST APPRENTICE & APOTHECARYSHRIEKING WOLVESFEMALE MAN-AT-ARMS & COAL MANCOLLEGIUM PORTER & BARBARIAN   Cigar Box Battle MatsWe import these terrific mats from the USA, but we don't hold stock. We gather up your orders, and do one big order every 6 weeks or so.So, with Christmas in mind, we're putting a cut off date of the 6th of November for the last orders for mats for 2018. If you want one from Santa, order now. After the 6th, they'll disappe

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