Dunkeldorf characters and new horizons

So after painting a classic ogre and bear for a friend, I thought I could finally finish these three guys I meant to paint for another friend !You might remember the excellent kickstarter from Dunkeldorf earlier this year, well I was lucky enough to get a review package loaded with nice stuff ! The kickstarter aimed at providing players with all the NPC's and civilians any good Role Player might want to encounter (or maybe you do wan to play them after all ^^). Being well into warhammer RPG, mordheim and that sort of stuff, this looked awesome, just check :Read Moar Skullz »

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RPG Blog Carnival - One Roll Fae NPCs

Since my last Carnival post I've been thinking about Faerie NPCs, what sort of things they might want and what interesting trades they might offer unwary PCs … grab a set of polyhedral dice or use the JavaScript roller below to find out!The d6 - TypeDryad or other female FaeSatyr or other male FaeSprite or LeprechaunPixie or FaerieWild Elf or Gnomeman-beast of some kind: Faun, Centaur, Kitsune...The d4 - It has an aspect ofspring - bright green shades, suggestions of flower budssummer - vivid colours, suggestions of flowers in full bloomautumn - red / brown shades, suggestions of fruits and seedswinter - grey or white shades, suggestions of bark or twigsThe d8 - It wearsa silver circletnothingfine clothesstitched ragsa cloakan icon or broocha magic ringhuman skinThe d12 - It carriesa spearitems wrapped in leavesa bowa silver bella staffarmfuls of fruita sworda lock of hairtwo knivesan injured animala cudgela covered basketThe d20 - It wantsto know a secretto dominate someoneto play a trickrevenge on an enemya

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Crystal Turtles !

Just like I said, I didn't paint any of what I should be painting but felt the urge to get these crystal critters done !They're the Ferrus Testudines from Krakon Games and just feel right to have with the crystals I've painted so far so that's a good thing to have done !I don't know what the 2 of them are doing to those rocks (maybe absorbing minerals) and I'm not sure I want to know but as they are, they're fine, it was a single night's work so everything pretty rough but I needed to get those done quickly to avoid the guilt of painting something else. And they look fine enough for NPCs and terrain I think.Great little pieces to have, one day I'll find a way to use in a scenario I'm sure !

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