Obligatory year end posts

My Favorite Things 2018

My Favorite Things 2018I always finish the year out on the blog with some sort of year  end commentary on my wargaming hobby. This year I thought I’d try something different, instead of toothless resolutions or lamenting my lack of posting I thought I mention my favorite wargaming related things of 2018, I may not have played a ton of games this year or go to Adepticon but I did actually do more than last couple years combined (or least it feels like it) so as we kiss off 2018 here’s what was keeping me busy this year when it comes to wargaming.Favorite Miniatures Company:Reaper MiniaturesNot too much of a shock if you’ve read the blog the last 12 years, they’re always in the background and always right there besides whatever else I am talking about.  I’ve been a fan, I’ve been highly irritated by some decisions thye’ve made but they’ve have persevered and have kept my loyalty longer than any other miniature company. This year I bought , built and painted more Reaper than any other manufacture, for&

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