Warmachine Oblivion Previews: CID next Wednesday April 17!

Today's DevChat there was a lot of spoiling of information for Warmachine: Oblivion. According to Hungerford and Olsen, they have the Community Development (playtesting) set to start next week Wednesday, April 17, provided that Oz can come back from KingdomCon in one piece (that last part is conjecture on my part).The first part of the spoiler was the three themes that were going to go live with Oblivion.Theme 1: Hearts of DarknessHearts of Darkness has been adjusted from its original wide open play. the word they used was "controversial." They haven't said which casters would be in the theme, but they announced the factions: 1 each from Cygnar, Protectorate, Khador, Crucible Guard, Merc, Cryx? (Not sure about Cryx, I must have missed it, but I'm reading Cryx in other people's notes, so I'll add that here.As part of this, there's a lot of conjecture as to how they will select casters. Like, how thematic will they get with this release or are they looking to push specific playstyles from each faction?It's unli

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