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Explosive Brew: Brewers Free Cities Draft And Why Amber Shouldn’t Be Your First Pick

              Steamforged Games is pulling all the stops for this upcoming Season 4. From redefinition of guild design, more streamlined cards, upcoming Steamcon’s full reveal of Season 4, and now they threw in a new draft campaign for guilds to add another player to their rosters. The hype is real and it’s an exciting time to see where Guildball is headed come Season 4. With all the new stuff being thrown our way it can be daunting sorting through it all and deciding which Rookie do we want to pick for the guild. I’m going to be weighing different options on each rookie and how it corresponds to our guild based on fluff, speculation, competitive mindset, and finally the  “I want the world to burn” mindset. While I will give my picks, there should be enough info given to either sway or cement your pick based on what you want for the guild.         Before we talk rookies lets talk about the Brewer’s and their current makeup. Excluding mascots there is currently f

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