A great gaming Week End in Metz !

OK folks, so like last year, I attended a gaming WE in the city of Metz last week. It was the occasion for me to meet good gaming buddies and to play some games I don't get to play often enough, using stuff I had painted and not used yet !We were hosted by Nico and his gaming club and enjoy the wonderful activities he had prepared for us !Now let's take a look at the games played, take a good seat and the beverage of your choice, there's quite a few photos if you don't mind. ;)Read Moar Skullz »

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Oldschool robots... or titans ?

Hi everyone, you might have seen those robots a short while ago in their successful kickstarter by Oldschool Miniatures, well I was lucky to be handed a few to paint !This is a new collaboration between Oldschool Miniatures and Jason Fairclough from Thunderchild and this time they've decided to scratch therobot itch with a nice oldschool vibe to them !Read Moar Skullz »

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