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A Satyr for my 40mm Greek project

I spotted this 28mm scale miniature on the Internet and thought he would be perfect as a Satyr for my 40mm scale Typhon or Greek project. Most of the miniatures in my collection are old and now out-of-production 40mm sculpts from Spartan Miniatures and I have been looking to add to them for some time.I wanted a smaller figure or miniature to portray a Pan-like character and this figure looked perfect. I purchased him from C P Models for £2.25.I look forward to basing and painting him.Tony

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Flintloque Undead - part eight

Another short update.I have remodelled the figure on the left and repainted some of the uniform as I was not happy with the initial paint work. The three other miniatures have had some additional work, mainly tidying-up.It is amazing that even though I have some very expensive and quite innovative holders, my go-to mini holder remains the simple cork and Bluetack.Tony

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Flintloque Undead - part seven

Not that much to show, but at least there is some progress. I have decided to concentrate on the four Headless Undead Zombies and although there is still a lot of work to do on them, there is at least some more paint on these four figures.As I study these miniatures, I am a little disappointing that I have not been able to do a better paint job - I realised that I am my biggest critic, but I should have better control over my sable/man-made brushes than this. I might re-paint them.....Tony

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