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Olde Nosey - part four

Another quick update, this time showing how I have painted the huge bicorne and its decoration. The base colour was a very dark grey (I don't like using pure black) with mid grey highlights and dark washes. the detailing was layered-up - base, mid highlight, then highlight before taking these images.I also took this opportunity to tidy-up the facial details (and add off-white eye detail) as well as basecoating the boots.More to follow.Tony

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Olde Nosey - part three

The first areas of real colour were the flesh areas of the face and hands. The base was a Snakebite Leather or Barbarian Leather colour (self mixed as my supplies of GW's Snakebite Leather are well gone) with highlights from the same colour with added cream or ivory craft paints. Once the area had been painted I sealed them with some Galleria Matt Varnish before adding a couple of flesh washes.Prior to this image being taken, I had added a couple of small dots of lighter flesh to the end of the nose, the tips of the fingers and the knuckle joints. I have also tidied up the black areas something that I don't regularly do, but for this tutorial or on-line build, I thought it was worth it.Earlier posts can be found here and here.Tony

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Olde Nosey for Flintloque

It has been some time since I featured an On-Line Build thread- so here is my latest customised Flintloque figure. Olde Nosey.The metal miniature is a mix of two figures; Olde Nosey from the Flintloque boxed set Sharkes Victory (5004) and the Officer figure from The Orc Guard Infantry set (54510).The Guard officer was cut with a jewellers saw from his right shoulder to the left waist while Olde Nosey had the same surgery. The two pieces were pinned and joined before the gaps were filled and detailed with green stuff. I have added some additional buttons and cuffs, but the conversion was quite simple to do and gives a unique looking character model.As usual I have mounted the figure onto a 2p coin and built up the groundwork with Milliput before adding some sieved sand over PVA glue. I prefer basing my miniatures in this way for three reasons, Firstly; it gives the figure some weight, some added bulk.Secondly; I find it much easier to hold when based.Thirdly; I don't like to base my mini's after they are paint

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