one shot

Dungeon World + Trilemma Adventures

Last week I got to run a one shot of Dungeon World - for all my enthusiasm about it I had never actually played it - but I'd heard good things.  I'd also heard good things about Trilemma Adventures so I decided to grab one of their free dungeons to play in.  How did it go?  Read on, bold adventurer...We played The Sky Blind Spire by Michael PrescottCreating characters was fairly straightforward, the main problem being I had printed the playbooks out too small!  DW brings playbooks from Apocalypse World rather than using character sheets, it's a case of ticking boxes and filling in blanks so once we were all on the same page we were ready to roll.  All the standard fantasy classes and tropes I'd expect are there, and I liked that it's clear the characters are THE, not a, member of that class.Because Dungeon World also uses Apocalypse World's "Moves", play is quick - powered by the narrative - and I was impressed by how much freedom the rules give to describe cool actions that are no le

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