Operation Compass

Skirmish at El'Zakir

After the test game I did with the rejects (Skirmish at Siniyat) I have been giving some thought how to run a bigger game for more players later in the year. One idea that I have been considering is giving players several vehicles each from the start; maybe three tanks in a squadron/platoon per player. This would give players a chance to have a more tactical game and, hopefully, encourage more cooperative action rather than a simple 'shoot out'. At the very least it may stop tanks from picking hull down positions and then staying there for the rest of the game. Earlier this week I had a chance to try this out with someone completely new to the rules.I've had a couple of days off work this week to spend with my daughter. It's her school's half term break - inexplicably out of sync with every other school on the borough (including my wife's) - so I took a few days off work to look after her. This meant I had her at my mercy and she was given a choice of a day out at a Museum of my choosing or a game with me at

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Queen of the Desert - Matilda II

My latest painting project is a pair of Matilda II's, which (when first introduced) were probably one of the best tanks in the British arsenal. Initially designated the A12 the Matilda II was naturally a development of the Matilda I which first saw service in 1938. As seems to be the usual way with tank development the building of a first generation tank inevitably throws up a load of design problems that lead to the second generation on the drawing board almost before the first had even entered service. This was true for the Matilda and by September 1939 the first Mk II's were entering service (only two machines, but with more entering service each month). By the end of its production run over 3000 Matilda II's had been built.Source: the-blueprints.comBoth Matilda were developed in line with British military thinking at that time which saw the need for three types of tanks; Heavy Tanks; Cruiser Tanks; and Infantry Tanks. The Matilda's were of the latter type which meant they were designed to be heavily armou

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